Planning Committee

The Planning Committee invites you to join us for the weekend in October, 2019

Steven Brown | Manager, Regional Centre Services

Krista Clement |  Reference Librarian, Kelowna

David Greenshields | Patient & Family Counselling Professional Practice Leader, Kelowna

Michelle Hilts | Medical Physicist, Kelowna

Andrea Knox | Nursing Senior Practice Leader, Kelowna

John Larmet | Senior Director, Regional Clinical Operations

Dr. Angela Lin | Radiation Oncologist, Kelowna

Marie-Elssa Morency | Chair. Coordinator, Regional Cancer Care

Stacey Nelson | Oncology Nurse, Vernon

Tracey Stone | Patient Care Coordinator, Kamloops

Jordan Tamming | Radiation Therapist, Kelowna

Thalia Vesterback | Health Service Director, Williams Lake

Lori Sameshima | Clinical Coordinator, Oncology Nutrition, Kelowna


To contact the Committee, please email the Co-chairs, Marie-Elssa Morency and Krista Clement

In addition, representatives from BC Cancer – Kelowna have been involved with the Future of Health Forum, Friday Oct 18.