BC Cancer – Kelowna

October 19, 2019

Keynote Speakers: Dr.Connie Eaves & Dr.Pippa Hawley

Don’t skip out! Our next local conference may be two years from now. You can still register for 2019 [click]

The 2019 Interior Cancer Conference will take place at the Innovation Centre in Kelowna BC, on Saturday October 19. Register NOW [click]

In addition, our attendees will be invited to register for the Future of Health Forum – Featuring Cancer Care, happening Friday Oct 18.


  • $20 registration for the Saturday conference
  • Additional registration for the Friday Future of Health Forum conference, featuring Cancer Care. Have a look at the great speakers and topics to be covered on Friday Oct 18th
  • Limited tickets are available for the Friday evening reception and Cracking Cancer film screening. Make sure you register for that event, if you plan to attend.

Multidisciplinary oncology healthcare providers and researchers from the interior of BC will come together to refresh and update on new developments, with the goal of improving care of patients.

This year’s Interior Cancer Conference will take place within a multi-day collaborative event along with partners from other health authorities, academic healthcare, and the community, to provide additional opportunities for learning and engagement.

BC Cancer-Kelowna is the oncology hub in the Okanagan, connected to a Communities Oncology Network of clinics and healthcare providers. In addition to the invited lectures, participants will have networking opportunities, and hear about current research initiatives.

The Interior Cancer Conference is brought to you by BC Cancer – Kelowna (PHSA), with the help of generous sponsors educational grants.